Limos and Party Buses - Towson Maryland

When planning for your big night out in Towson, MD, here's a few great restaurant and bar choices!

Spice & Dice

1220 E Joppa Rd, Towson | (410) 494-8777

The drunken noodles are really really out of this world, and the service itself is outstanding. The pad thai was good, and we were pleased (and surprised) that it was a byob... but that offered a unique option of being able to drink whatever we wanted. Very relaxed atmosphere too, great service as well.

Bill Bateman's Bistro

7800 York Rd. Towson | (410) 296-2737

This is great place for burgers and of course the wings are simply and truly the best. The wraps are pretty good too, and of course I had to try the ribs once and they were ok. Passable, but not my favorite offering here. I often frequent this place, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Friendly people, good times.


714 York Rd, Towson | (410) 337-2424

This place has the most amazing and I mean amazing big big fries. I also enjoy the pizza with mushrooms, onions, and peppers. It's an all in all great place to indulge in good food, and get some great drinks.

Sushi Hana

6 E Pennsylvania Ave, Towson | (410) 823-0372

This place is over the top when it comes to the selection, service, and style. The shrimp and eel are my two favorite rolls, they are really really delicious. The sweet shrimp roll is pretty good too. I'd recommend giving this place a shot.

Cheezy's Pizza & Subs

1637 E Joppa Rd, Towson | (410) 337-4992

I came here to eat with my boyfriend and we had the best heart shaped pizza ever. We also had some delicious stuffed shells and a really great Buffalo chicken salad. It was a great experience, really great, we will definitely be back for sure.

S & J Crab Ranch

2 W Pennsylvania Ave, Towson | (410) 821-6789

Ok, so I've never been to a place that serves crab mac n cheese, but this place does and it's super yummy. It's really got a kick to it. I also love the ambiance of this place, and it doesn't hurt at all that the crab cakes are beyond tasty too. This is a wonderful place with a really cozy atmosphere, it's simply terrific