Limos and Party Buses - Parkton Maryland

When planning for your big night out in Parkton, MD, here's a few great restaurant and bar choices!

Casa Mia’s Restaurant and Pioneer Pub

17417 York Rd, Parkton | (410) 357-4231

Casa Mia's Restaurant and Pioneer Pub is an Italian restaurant and bar with some of the very best crab cakes in town. You can count on theirs to be the best, especially when they ship them all across the country. They've recently renovated, so you can enjoy the amazing outdoor patio, interior decorations, as well as the liquor and beer store that can be found inside of this destination. From the burgers to the famous crab cakes, there's quite a lot for you to enjoy when you decide to eat here with family or friends in the area.

The Fill’er Up

1307 York Rd, Parkton | (410) 357-5362

For pizza, seafood, soup, and sandwiches...be sure to come out and try the food at this primarily carry out restaurant! This spot can even be listed as one of the most convenient to enjoy considering the fact that it has gas pumps outside. From the unbeatable customer serice to the fresh seafood, it's safe to see why this is such a popular spot to enjoy food. If you're looking for a quick lunch in Parkton, you can't go wrong with coming here to fill up when you do it. Their cheese steak is another great option to consider!

Stonebridge Grille

21336 York Rd, Parkton | (410) 357-5911

Stonebridge Grille is a new American destination for seafood, and it also has an extensive wine, beer, and cocktail list at the bar. Some of the great food you have to look forward to trying here happens to be the mozzarella moons, pot roast, as well as the jumbo broiled shrimp that come stuffed. The steak and cheese sandwich is perfect for those looking for something hearty and filling. Be sure to get a glass of the wine that's available here, as it's perfectly paired for the delicious seafood options available here.

She’s Got Crabs

21307 York Rd, Parkton | (443) 956-2722

If you can get past the name of this cheeky establishment in Parkton, you're in for some amazing quality of crabs. This isn't much of a restaurant, but you can get some of the freshest, most flavorful crabs when you decide to come here for your next meal. The kind, professional staff goes a long way in ensuring you're getting your moneys worth when you eat here. This location is only open on the weekends, and it's always busy. However, with the quality of the food here, it's quite easy to see why that's the case, come check it out tonight.

Woodhall Wine Cellars

17912 York Road, Baltimore | (410) 357-8644

Woodhall Wine Cellars is a local winery in Parkton that's the perfect gathering spot for friends. This spot has a rustic atmosphere you're sure to enjoy! Located inside of an old barn that's been re-purposed, you're sure to have an amazing time when you decide to eat and drink here. They have snacks to appease all tastes, and the ambiance by the lighting and fireplace makes you feel right at home. If you come at the right time, you'll even get to enjoy some live music by talented local musicians. What are you waiting for?

Royal Rabbit Vineyard

1090 Jordan Sawmill Rd, Parkton | (443) 721-6692

Royal Rabbit Vineyard is another local winery to consider when you're looking for the best of the best! This is a tasting room located in the basement, and the host is very knowledgeable about the wine making process. Be sure to consider the Chevalier, La Chatelaine, The Baroness, as well as the delicious Chatelaine's Blush when you decide to come out here for a tasting. They often have specials on certain bottles, so be sure to inquire if you happen to come across a favorite when drinking and tasting wines here at Royal Rabbit.