Baldwin, MD

When planning for your big night out in Baldwin, MD, here's a few great restaurant and bar choices!

Sunshine Grille Bistro & Catering

12607 Fork Rd., Fork | (410) 592-3378

If you've got an upcoming trip with us in the Baldwin area, one of the absolute finest places for you to stop for a bite to eat and a nice drink is Sunshine Grille Bistro & Catering. If you're around during the AM hours, definitely stop in for breakfast, as they have some of the tastiest omelets in town. We recommend the Arizona! Mmm. The eggs bene is also really beyond delish! The gyro platter with double meat is fantastic for lunch or dinner! The home fries are always great here too. Without a doubt, a Baltimore Party Bus top choice in Baldwin!

Fallston Seafood Restaurant

2108 Fallston Rd, Fallston | (410) 893-9900

If you've got some seafood lovers in you Baltimore Party Bus group, Fallston Seafood Restaurant will be the destination of your dreams. It's affordable and unpretentious, with a menu full of incredible seafood and fish that will really make your mouth water. The cream of crab soup is the must-try and a perfect starter. The steamed crabs and crab cakes are also just pure perfection. If you love oysters, they've got you covered, and the coconut shrimp fans will not be disappointed here either. Just awesome for you Baltimore Party Bus friends in Baldwin!

Josef's Country Inn

2410 Pleasantville Rd, Fallston | (410) 877-7800

Josef's Country Inn is a German restaurant that's just ideal for your Baldwin area trips with Baltimore Party Bus. Pricey? Sure, but nobody would bristle at these prices because everybody knows how great the food is. The classic decor is still beautiful after all these years and you'll be glad to see that it hasn't changed a bit. Definitely dig into some yummy English crab while you're there, try the Marylander omelet, gulp down some delicious Maryland crab soup, and perhaps try their famous beef carpaccio! There's a full bar here as well. A+!

Savory Deli & Market

2801 Fallston Rd, Fallston | (410) 692-0201

A unique place for sandwich lovers in the Baldwin area is Savory Deli & Market. They've got the freshest and most delicious sandwiches in town, including breakfast wraps and breakfast sandwiches that are super portable and delicious! Yes, this is a simple little market that you would easily overlook if we weren't telling you about it, but trust our advice, as the food is just fantastic! The spicy fried shrimp wrap is our personal favorite for lunch. We love that everything's made fresh right there in front of you. Great homemade hash browns too!

Acapella Italian Restaurant

2402 Pleasentville Rd, Fallston | (410) 878-7801

If nothing will do but Italian food, then check out Acapella Italian Restaurant. It's a really beautiful place with moderate pricing and excellent service, making it a smart choice for your special celebrations. If you have been here in the past but haven't seen the recent renovations, perhaps a good time would be during your upcoming Baltimore Party Bus event. There's a full bar here, and the drinks are always expertly made and never watered down. Really a superb place worth checking out!

Boordy Vineyards

12820 Long Green Pike, Hydes | (410) 592-5015

Boordy Vineyards is our favorite winery anywhere in the Baldwin area, and many of our Baltimore Party Bus customers choose this place for their special events and celebrations. After all, what's better than a wine tasting to mark those special times in life? There are always enticing events going on here too, especially during the summer months when the wine is flowing and there's magic in the air. Their summer concerts and movie nights are ideal times to be there! Be sure and check this one out with your Baltimore Party Bus group in Baldwin!